1800 Series

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Hotsy Offers the Best Warranties in the Industry
The 1800 Series provides stationary cleaning with hot water indoors. The 7 models are
electric-powered and natural gas, oil or optional LP gas-heated, using Hotsy’s highefficiency
vertical hot water coil. The coil skin comes standard with stainless steel. The
sleek cabinet has removeable side and front panels, making it easy for routine preventative
maintenance and service. The Smart Relay allows the washer to be customized
to individual needs, and is protected behind the front panel. This heavy-duty cleaning
machine is ideal for use in manufacturing or even food processing facilities where hot
water is needed for cleaning machinery and equipment indoors. All models are certified
to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards and feature the highly efficient Hotsy Triplex
pump. A pressure switch is a standard feature on all 1800 Series models. Equipped with
a 50’ hose.
  • Natural Gas, Oil or Optional LP-Fired
  • Stationary Units Last for Years
  • 2500 - 3000 PSI
  • 10-15 HP
  • 230V, 208V, 460V, & 575V
  • Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump
  • Smart Relay Control provides control over run time, auto start / stop and shutdown functionality.