Some things to consider when choosing between a hot and cold pressure washer...

Choosing the right pressure washer can make all the difference in getting the results that you need when pressure washing. Hot water and cold water pressure washers each have specific applications where they are best suited. To be sure you purchase the right machine CONTACT US and we'd be glad to help you get the perfect pressure washer that matches your application!

Here are some general guidelines:

1. Are you cleaning oil or grease?

Pressure Washing Oil & Grease

Have you ever washed dishes without hot water or soap? Nature's same rules apply when washing with a pressure washer. If your cleaning requires moving oils or grease then a cold water pressure will leave you disappointed with a oily film still covering the surface. By heating oils or grease with hot water they are able to break free of the surface being cleaned given you much better results.

2. Would you like to kill more bacteria?

Hot Water Pressure Washer Can Reduce Bacteria

Studies have shown that hot water pressure washers not only clean better but they also disinfect better. Many bacteria and unwanted organisms just can't hold up to heat of a hot water pressure washer! This is something to consider if you're purchasing a machine and wan't to improve sanitation while cleaning and use less chemical to do so.

3. How important is your time?

Hotsy Pressure Washers Help Save You Time!

In most real world cleaning applications a hot water pressure washer will clean 3 times faster than a cold water washer. Time is money? When calculating your costs and productivity and labor, don't forget this factor of three. In many situations it really makes a hot water machine a no brainer!

4. When doesn't hot water out perform cold?

Hotsy Pressure Washers Are Powerful!

Some surfaces that are pressure washed cannot hold up to high temperatures. Automotive paint for example should not be exposed to extremely hot temperatures when pressure washing. Some pressure cleaning jobs simply require just removing dirt or cutting through materials. In these applications a hot water power washer simply isn't needed and just becomes an additional expense.