Hotsy 9.302-231.0 Revolution Turbo Nozzle Repair Kit - 4.5

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The Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle Legacy is proud to offer the Revolution rotary nozzle. This turbo rotary nozzle is rated for up to 4350 PSI at 185F. Turning at an astounding 4000 RPM the Revolution delivers faster and deeper cleaning action for the same price of 3000 PSI rotary nozzles. With the Legacy Revolution turbo nozzle you get greater cleaning power. The Revolution is engineered to increase the impact pressure by more than 10 times that of conventional nozzles. Longer operating life. The Revolution s operating life is extended significantly by its wear-resistant ceramic nozzle and bearing ring.


  • More durable and versatile
  • It is an extra-resilient housing protector
  • Capable of handling a stream of up to 4350 PSI at 185F