Hotsy 8.923-694.0 Industrial Sandblasting System with Carbide Sand Container

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Our 8.923-694.0 Industrial Sandblasting System is designed for extra-tough cleaning jobs. This Hotsy sandblaster can be used with either a hot-water or cold-water pressure washer, with 4-6 GPM and 2000-3500 PSI. The pressure washer, in conjunction with the sandlbaster, creates a vacuum to draw the sand into the mixing chamber, propelling it at a high velocity toward the surface being cleaned. This creates enough cleaning power to remove rust, paint, even barnacles off a ship's hull.

Using a wet sandblaster has advantages over an air-powered sandblaster. First, air can impact dust particles into cavities, whereas water flushes debris and foreign material away. Also, water does not create air-borne dust, which makes cleanup easier, and is easier on the respiratory system.


  • Quick-connect coupler for ease in attaching sand probe or pot
  • Valve for metering the flow of the media
  • Tubed, pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering