Hotsy 8.698-077.0 Envy Super Concentrate Vehicle Wash Detergent Powder - 1 Gallons

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Envy Super Concentrate is an ultra concentrated vehicle wash detergent that can be diluted to extremely high ratios without watering down performance. This product is designed to be diluted to 1:700 for light-duty cleaning and 500-700 for medium-duty cleaning. Envy will significantly reduce the number of buckets that you have to store, change and dispose of. A vehicle wash detergent that works well in all water conditions and temperatures. Ultra concentrated, hard water formula, high-foaming, easy rinsing, flows in colder temperatures.

Envy Super Concentrate Recommended Applications / Uses:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Automatic Car Washes


  • pH @ 5% Solution: 9.85
  • Dilution Ratio: 700:1
  • Foaming Action: High
  • Reaction in Hard Water (TDS): Good
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Scent: Floral
  • VOC: 59 grams